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"The Secrets of 

with Miss Diddy, CEO of The Brand Group


The Program

“A Day with Miss Diddy” is a Zoom Series designed to Enlighten, Empower & Equip participants with tools to be Successful in Business. During this Five-Part Series pulling from multiple breakdowns of business acumen curriculum, created by entertainments #1 Sought Out Publicist / Marketing Guru - Miss Diddy. The most incomparable component about this series and something that you can’t find anywhere else.... For the first time EVER, Miss Diddy shares her Personal Celebrity Insiders. She will also be allowing attendees not only to tap into her genius in marketing and Branding but also learn her strategy behind building and maintaining industry relationships, and more! Oh Yeah, let’s not forget to mention, she will be having some of her favorite Entrepreneurs & Celebrity Clients to join the discussion.

The Founder

Miss Diddy, a Young African-American Female Entrepreneur born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, also known as the Entertainment Capital (Hollywood) has proven herself to be celebrities “go-to girl” for all of their marketing needs. She began her journey over 15 Years ago as The Only Female Promoter in Hollywood dominating this male-driven industry. Miss Diddy bravely took her career to the next level when she created her own agency, The Brand Group, she understood that relationships were the true currency, and with that knowledge, she built a True Empire. The Brand Group Agency specializes in brand partnerships, marketing concepts, and connecting the dots between entertainment, sports, politics, and music. With Miss Diddy’s high-level connections she has always found a way to give back and contribute to her community. Join us as she continues to shows what it looks like to inspire a generation!

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